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Access our mastery training videos, coaching sessions,
and many more!


Access our mastery training videos, coaching sessions,
and many more!

Inner Alchemy Accelerator Program (IAAP)

Re-pattern your Body-Mind system through an advanced process of Quantum Clearing and Integration therapy.


IAAP is a deeply transformational 9 Week program that consists of 9 x 60 minute sessions conducted via Zoom or Skype.

Break free from past conditioning and invest in this process to unlock your full potential and optimise your business. 

IAAP incorporates using a multidisciplinary approach, combining the use of both modern practices and ancient healing modalities to synthesise your systems into a state of coherence. 

Part of the program has been specifically developed to take you through a series of levels. 

Each level focuses on a particular energy center in your body; the corresponding level in Spiral Dynamics as well as the Hawkin’s Scale of Human Consciousness. 

IAAP provides a safe space for you to immerse yourself fully into the experience of unravelling your deepest conditioning. 

As you begin to free up more energetic space, you also map out new terrain for what is possible in your reality. You step into your full expression.

The foundation of this program is built and derived from a multitude of different practices, scientific findings and ancient knowledge. 

Drawing from resources such as:

  • David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness 
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 
  • Neurobiology 
  • Epigenetics 
  • Neuroscience & Neuroplasticity 
  • The Chakra Based System 
  • The Spiral
  • Chinese  Medicine -The 5 Elements Theory 
  • The Meridian System 
  • Cultivating coherence with HeartMath 
  • Applied Kinesiology - Muscle testing 
  • Human Design Profiling & Gene keys 

what you'll learn

  • How to re-pattern your subconscious mind
  • Reclaim your power through deep embodiment of worthiness
  • How to balance your autonomic nervous system 
  • The 7 levels of consciousness as they relate to your body
  • How to tap into your body’s innate intelligence
  • Self clearing toolkit
  • Experience stepping into the power of the highest version of yourself.
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For the high achievers who seek to break through illusions and live an extraordinary life. This program provides a solid framework to explore each of the 7 major components to life, enabling a new level of self-mastery.


Drawing from a combination of resources, Soulpreneur has been carefully developed as a step-by-step process to take you through the 7 major areas that impact your life. 

The unravelling of each area reveals unconscious patterning, giving you an insight into the resourceful and un-resourceful programs that are running in the background. 

In this process you will break through perceived limitations, uncover opportunities for growth and learn tools to realign yourself to your vision.

As you dive deeper into the exploration of each area in your life, you clear the way for something extraordinary. 

Soulpreneur is the ultimate program that equips you with the fundamental tools to shift you into an optimal state of being. 

what you'll learn

  • A comprehensive road map to master the 7 major areas of your life 
  • Discover unconscious blocks and limitations
  • Clear unwanted patterns 
  • How to accelerate up the ladder of human consciousness
  • How to hack flow states
  • Break through conditioning by creating new neural pathways 
  • Realign actions to reflect values
  • Unlock innate abilities
  • Universal principles and how to apply them
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